Why IMSA ?

IMSA is a progressive and responsive institute with a clear vision for the future needs of industry. This vision – of good teaching

directly linked to the needs of the students as current and future professionals – is achieved by providing flexibility in courses

and in patterns of study, allowing every one a benefit to achieve their best. IMSA offers the following unmatchable features:

Faculty: The teaching faculty at IMSA comprises qualified Master’s and Ph.D degree holders. Qualified people from Academia and Industry including Ph.D.’s visit IMSA as a faculty.

Classrooms: Since the educational style at IMSA mirrors the modern teaching practices, different modes of interaction between students and teachers are envisaged. Input from teachers is in two different forms: Lectures and Tutorials/Workshops. For this purpose, IMSA has separate rooms for Lectures and Tutorials. The classrooms are furnished in view of particular requirements  of delivering lectures and are equipped with overhead projectors, screens, multimedia projectors etc.

Computer Lab: The institute comprises two air-conditioned labs having state-of-the-art Internet and computing facilities with student computer ratio of 1:3.

Library: IMSA maintains a rapidly expanding library in the field of Computers and Management Science comprising of over 1500 latest books.

Internships: The institute have strong link with various industries, banks and other organization that help students not only get theoretical but practical exposure through study tours and internships.

Merit Scholarships: The institute provides scholarships to needy students. Special scholarships are awarded to females and students of rural areas.

Co-Curricular activities: To create healthy environment, and to build confidence among the students the institute arrange activities like debates, speech and quiz competitions on weekly basis.

Girls Common Room: For the female students, IMSA provides the facility of the